Friday, August 24, 2012


Image: 'Just passing thru' by MBPblue

I spend most mornings heading towards the beach for a walk... and of late... a slow jog. I've never really got into running before, but had a vision of myself running on the beach a month or so ago, and one day it just started happening. Who knew?

Mornings are not always the easiest time for me. When I say that, I really mean those first waking moments. As I come out of the dream state or sleep into awareness of the day I notice my first thoughts are often disturbing, and what I would say... not like 'me' at all. I have no idea where they come from... they just appear in my awareness. A couple of times I have even been aware of the moment 'I' focuses or grabs onto 'thought'. You know what I mean? When the 'I' starts it's day. I've also felt the movement from the sleep state into the awake state as moving from an expansive lightness into a dense contraction... my response being 'Oh  no, not this again... not another day of this!'

Of course it's not all doom and gloom. I am learning to just wait... just rest... and it passes... and with that is a dawning (sorry bad pun!) that these thoughts are just an illusion. This morning I was in one of these contracted moments waiting for it to pass when I found myself pick up my iPhone and check me emails. Now I never usually do this first thing... however, as is becoming the norm of late (or I'm just noticing it more), I do things and then catch on a second or so later that it's happening. Anyway... in my Inbox was an email from Peter with a link to a video of Mooji called 'All delusions will fall'. Perfect timing!

The video goes for about 20minutes and is a dialogue between Mooji and a man. Mooji is gently trying to point the man towards Awareness, that which is All with no 'I' of separation etc etc... you know what I mean. I found myself feeling a bit impatient... wanting to stop watching... get up... get away... distract. You know  this one too don't you? Then that 'thing' arose... Wait, listen... and my awarenss shifted. I heard Mooji speak:

"The space from where I'm speaking and towards what I'm speaking... that all delusions will fall... and it appears that there are forces internally, as part of the play of consciousness who's work is to block that from happening. To keep your focus on your physical being, on your terrestrial existence, because as long as you are in that, you see, it can procreate."

Thanks Mooji... thanks Peter...  M x

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