Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Verandah Report

Image:  Podie in my world... by MBPblue

Sitting here on my verandah this morning I notice the cows are visiting again. They are not always in the paddock next to my cabin,  being moved around the property for availability of feed, and it's always a delight when they pop back into my daily life. It's spring here in Australia and all the little podies (calves) are popping out and joining my world. It's such a child like thrill to see them running around the paddock, flexing their young limbs, playing with each other until it's time to find Mum for a drink. I watch during the day as the herd comes and goes from my view. They seem to have a natural rhythm for moving from one end of the paddock to the other. My end seems to be a favourite for late afternoon munchings, and sometimes late night rubbings up against the verandah posts or chewing on my blinds... both of which will have me stomping outside letting them know this is not welcome behaviour. Vandalistic cows are not ok!... and of course the podies are the worst. As they mature they are just like rebellious teenagers and take little notice of my shooing or stomping. Over the years I've surrendered more... less shooing and stomping... more 'oh well, the cow is just being a cow, and that's how it is.' It's become more like... I'm the visitor in their world.

Animals, birds, nature in general are a wonderful reminder of that. Living close to nature as I do, I am constantly bought back to the moment of now as I observe the flight and song of a bird, the silent passing of a cloud or butterfly, and the brief scent of blossom or the gentle rustle of leaves brought by the wind. Of course there are many such moments, in fact, they are endless. It is something I find nature gently reminds me... again and again. It's all endless... or as Jackie O'Keeffe says... just movements taking place in form.

I was reading her book 'Born to be Free' this morning, and in the chapter 'effortless' she writes:  Let what is moving, move; without your interest, thoughts pass by. Pay no attention to them and, in doing so, your actions will leave no trace of a personal agenda... All that has form happens within that which is... Thus, one can only be part of the unfolding of consciousness, whether living from the natural state or living a personal life.'

I've been pondering this idea for a week now. The idea that whether someone is so called 'awake' or not, aware of their natural state or not, doesn't matter because we are all consciousness... just movements taking place in form. I've felt a relaxing and a letting go, a sense that it doesn't matter what my so called status of awareness may be... or not. Phew! That's a relief. I think I'll just go grab another cuppa on the verandah and watch the cows moooove!  M x


  1. Hi, Melinda,

    I'm enjoying reading about your journey. The idea that the "awake/not awake" distinction simply doesn't matter strikes me as helpful. Thank you for that. We're lucky you have the free time and space to do this exploration for us and share what you discover with the rest of us.


  2. Hi Tom... thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. I appreciate you taking the time to make a comment. I only make the posts when something feels worth saying... so please keep checking back from time to time and I hope to have some more worthwhile reading for you... and I really do feel we are all in this together... all being done anyway... no matter what our lives look like. Many blessings to you too. Cheers Mx